“ To connect the industry-end demand in China with overseas source of technology, reshape the pattern of international coordinated innovation ”

Zhou Luming, President of CRI

Zhou Luming, President, CRI

General Secretary of China Radical Innovation 100, CEO of Shenzhen  CRI Innovation Center, President of the South Research Institute of Shenzhen Spacetek Technology Co., Ltd, and CEO of Shenzhen Spacetek Technology Investment Co., Ltd.

His past jobs included Deputy Director of Shenzhen Bureau of Science and Technology, Vice President of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen and Chairman of Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology. During his more than twenty years’ career in science and technology management and soft science research in the government, he led a series of major legislation, policy-making and research tasks related to science & technology innovations in Shenzhen, directed the research on intangible assets and facilitated the formation of China’s first intangible asset appraisal agency, which initiated a new industry in the country. As Chairman of Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology, he promoted theoretical studies and practices on private-owned research institutes. The results were acknowledged by leaders of the central government. The policies encouraging the development of private-owned research institutes were included in the document of 2012 Central Innovation Conference. He got on board a number of teams of talents who studied abroad and launched a group of world first-class private-owned research institutes specialized in metamaterials, new energy and precision manufacturing. He founded Shenzhen’s offshore coordinated innovation centers in Boston and other cities and acts as CEO of China’s first offshore innovation and entrepreneurship base. As a main curator, he was involved in drafting the proposals for the first China High-Tech Fair and Shenzhen High-Tech Park. He chaired a series of studies on innovation-driven cities and planned for and caused Shenzhen to become the first “National Innovation-driven City”recognized by the country.

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