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The Vision and Mission

Established in April 2015, CRI is an independent China non-profit organization that strives to develop platform for linking radical innovation resource with local industrial demand and market.

In the past, governments and scaled companies made the biggest changes to how we lived our lives. Nowadays, it’s innovators and entrepreneurs who apply disruptive technologies to drive the change at both mass scale and lightning speed. We believe that in our lifetime, entrepreneurs will solve some of humanity’s greatest and deepest challenges.

The purpose of the CRI is helping the world’s most disruptive technology companies scale and expand global partnership.

The driving force of CRI

A committed team of experts and thought leaders, A platform that connect innovation resources with industrial demands.

The CRI team is comprised of both passionate implementation teams and thoughtful advisory board team, including governers with technology management experience, venture capital professionals with deep tech investment experience and professors with technology transfer experience.

CRI develop the platform by setting up innovation hubs in selected cities like Boston (U.S), Oxford (U.K),Delft (Netherlands) and Israel; also establish industrial cooperation with 20+ listed companies in the field of advanced manufacturing ,bio-tech and new energy. Industrial and market demands from those listed companies are important for disruptive technologies fulfill the journey from 0 to 1.