About the Fund

The CRI USD/RMB Venture Capital Fund is concentrated on technical revolutions in Smart City and intelligent health and interested in early stage and middle stage tech firms engaged in advanced manufacturing and regenerative medicine. Investing in both China and the USA, it taps into the tremendous potential that can be catalyzed by marrying disruptive technologies around the world to the demand of Chinese industries. The fund eyes the core industrial chain of disruptive products. The USD fund invests in minority equity interests in foreign tech firms, which may align with industries in China through the CRI platform. The RMB fund may enlarge the capital pool to drive the projects to profit on the industrial demand and market demand in China.

Investment Rationale

The next round of global technology innovation will be primarily driven by Deep Technology SMEs, which are more impactful and more likely to generate exponential growth.

The three most important factors for SMEs to bridge the gap between 0.5-1.0 (from having prototype to mass-production) are: production scale-up capabilities from small quantities to large quantities, industry demand, and new technology application deployment.

CRI is a well-established platform capable of sourcing and screening high quality Deep Technology projects globally, integrating industry demand, creating new technology application scenarios, and serving as a solid foundation for creating investment return premium and value-added services for CRI vision fund's portfolio companies.

Basic Facts of the Fund

CRI-TsingYuan Vision Fund
Size: RMB 250 million

Investment Universe: Biomedicine/Advanced Manufacturing

Payback Period: 7 Years

Fund Manager: CRI & Tsing-Yuan Investment Management Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Space Technology Investment Co., Ltd

CRI Vision USD Fund

Size: USD 15 million

Investment Universe: Biomedicine/Advanced Manufacturing

Payback Period: 4 Years

Fund Manager: CRI Boston Innovation Center

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Invested Projects



Topflight, a prospective provider of next-generation hybrid energy Unmanned Aircraft Systems, allows commercial drones to have a bigger effective load and provides revolutionary business solutions to the aviation, transportation and agriculture sectors.


Geneo Medicine

Geneo Medicine aims to become a leader in medical research and product development in the field of tissue and organ regeneration, and use intelligent biomaterials, chemically modified RNA drugs and tissue and organ regeneration, among other platform-level technologies, to develop cures for all kinds of degenerative diseases.


Jingfeng Medicine

Jingfeng Medicine is a Shenzhen-based high-tech startup, dedicated to R&D and promotion of state-of-the-art new-generation intelligent surgical systems.

Projects in the Pipeline


Manus Bio

Manus Bio is dedicated to preparations of chemical compounds for everyday use in a cost-effective, efficient and sustainable manner by means of microbial gene editing and conversion fermentation technologies.



Neutrolis develops new-type autoimmunity and CVD drugs.



Curtana develops innovative drugs used in the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme and other brain tumors.



NanoGriptech develops reusable polymer micron/nanometer fibrin sealant and is the first provider and producer of bionic dry adhesive technologies in the world.



Opus is a provider of intelligent MEMS laser vision sensor solutions and offers a portfolio including laser scanners and projectors, laser AR Head-Up Display, MEMS 3D depth camera and MEMS 3D laser radar.



Viascience develops AI-based big data analytical system and is able to provide risk forecast and maintenance policies for city-level infrastructure, which can be applied to intelligent power grid management, large industrial plant testing, and big data center maintenance, among other fields.